What is PresenCE?

PresenCE is the collective term for a group of Christians in Portaferry, coming from all four of the established churches in the town. PresenCE has the following common beliefs and objectives:

  1. The message of Christ is as relevant today as at any time in history an is vital in providing meaning and direction in life.
  2. To pray for God’s presence to be at work in our small town so that people will follow Jesus Christ more closely.
  3. To demonstrate the relevance of Christ to young people by creating opportunities for friendship, fun and service to the community.
  4. To provide help and support to the whole community as they exercise a living faith that fully respects and honours their own faith tradition.

PresenCE has been active since 2005 and is evidenced by activities that have traditionally but not exclusively focussed around Gala week.

The PresenCE strategy has the following core activities.

  1. Opportunities to worship, study and pray together
  2. Opportunities for young people to engage with faith
  3. Opportunities to serve the community